Tile & Grout Cleaning

Tile and Grout Cleaning service

Tile Cleaning and grout cleaning requires more than a cursory application, of household cleaners and a sponge. Your tile surfaces and grout lines become stained, and dull as a result of the accumulation of dirt, dust, and pollutants over time. Mildew may also grow in moist locations.

You need a true professional for a deep cleaning of your tile and grout. You need High Gloss Restoration LLC best best ‘grout cleaner in Pembroke Pine. Experience the effectiveness of our grout cleaner for superior grout and tile cleaning results.

Included Services

  • Deep cleans dirt and grime that regular cleaning cannot?
  • Leaves grout looking like new?
  • Leaves tiles looking brighter?

Tile Sealing

We highly recommend sealing the tile floor after it is clean and dry to guard against future spills and stains. Consider it additional protection or tile-related insurance. Our tile sealer works rapidly, expect to wait only! a few minutes before resuming your regular activities. To get the best results we advise giving the sealer 24 hours to fully adhere in order to prevent color fading. After washing the tile and grout sealing ensures the best’outcome.

Grout Color Sealing

Even the most effective cleaning techniques cannot undo permanently soiled grout. Let us assist you in solving that issue. We provide a wide variety’ of hues, delivering uniform colors to match your tile and a waterproof sealer that will restore the brilliance’ and beauty of any surface.

We advise consumers to use a neutral! cleanser for weekly maintenance after any sealing procedure. Never use bleach or other strong’ chemicals for routine cleaning if you want the sealer to last longer. If you have any extra queries concerning our grout color sealing, kindly give us a call.


  • All stains in grout will disappear.
  • 100% uniform grout color throughout floor
  • May never have to seal grout again
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Satisfaction Guarantee

Satisfied clients are the foundation of our family-owned business. We do not accept payment until! our work is complete, and we conduct a careful walk through to guarantee every customer is completely satisfied! This ensures repeat business and a steady stream of recommendations.

If you’re looking for a dependable, honest, and customer-oriented cleaning company, we provide the best tile, carpet and upholstery cleaning services in Broward and the neighboring counties.

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The Power of Professionals

We want you to come to HighGloss Restoration for the best cleaning service company. We’re happy if you’re happy and certain that you will appreciate the work we produce.

For a free quote on any of our cleaning services in your area. Call for details 954-466-5690



Palm Beach

Daniela Charris

Daniela Charris

I called High Gloss to polish my marble floor, made an appointment and they showed up on time. They gave me an excellent price to polish my floor and I was very happy with the results. The techs were very friendly and professional. I will definitely call them again Google Reviews

Matthew Gonzales

Matthew Gonzales

My carpets were dirty, stained and full of dog hair. I'm glad I called High Gloss. After their great cleaning service, my carpets look like new! Google Reviews

Allen Derner

Allen Derner

It wasn't perfect, but we are satisfied. AS president of our office building's HOA, we hired Highgloss to clean our halls and lobby. Initially we where surprised how fast the job was completed. After review we noticed that the outdoor staircases where not cleaned. The owner immediately called me back and explained the it was an oversight. Within ours his crew was back and he was present to make sure it got done right. I was very impressed by his concern and initiative. He never made excuses, just made sure it was done right. Thank you!

John Lilly

John Lilly

The bank where I work was looking old and neglected. I was concerned with Covid and the quality of the air. I came across High Gloss and recommended them to corporate. Within one week we had clean carpets and the musty smell was gone. Also we signed up for janitorial services that keep our work areas disinfected. Thank you *********** Bank and High Gloss for creating a better work space.

Jack Anderson

Jack Anderson

I manage a very popular restaurant in Coral Gables. After months of dealing with incompetent cleaning companies I came across High Gloss. At first, I though they would resemble the others. I am past the honeymoon phase I am still impressed with the service and quality. One less thing I have to micro manage!

Mulias Prosva

Mulias Prosva

Wasn't ready to clean my "new to us" home. I just called to get an idea of what to expect. From the first call I was greeted by a professional that handled my call with kindness and was eager to help me. That gave me confidence and felt like I would benefit from the High Gloss services. Needless to say, I ended up booking an appointment and was blown away with the amount of time I saved. It wasn't expensive and I was able to move in with less stress.