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See Your Reflection In Your Restored Marble

Do you have a desire to restore your existing floor, Look no further than our team of Marble Polishing professionals to conduct any floor restoration service, you desire. Our service technicians are highly trained and have experience with every type of natural stone surface, like Marble, Travertine, Mexican, Terrazzo, etc, and use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to provide floor restoration and polishing services for both residential and commercial establishments.

Marble Floor Cleaning and Marble Polishing Services!

People often think that once a natural stone floor is damaged, they can either deal with it or replace it altogether. Fortunately you don’t have to race to shop for new flooring just yet or just deal with it because you may not have the budget Natural stone floors can be restored to look like new at a fraction of the cost of replacing it. Discover our effective marble stain cleaner to easily remove stains from marble surfaces, restoring their natural beauty. Contact High Gloss Restoration !who do your marble floor care!

Included Services

  • Fix uneven surfaces…
  • Erase discolorations and removing stains from marble…
  • Marble Floor Cleaning…
  • Polish dull and uneven finishes to a high gloss or hone to a uniform consistency

Marble Polishing Process

We use diamond grinding, one of the most! eco-friendly Marble restoration methods. Used in concrete, marble, and travertine flooring, diamond grinding helps provide a very smooth, glossy uniform appearance. The process evens out any roughness or imperfect surfaces. Your restored flooring comes out as shiny and sleek as a clean bathroom mirror.

About diamond grinding
When used specifically in flooring restoration, diamond grinding tools quickly loosen old flooring epoxy, carpet glue, and paint? The equipment also includes a dust shroud preventing air pollution that is prevalent with other flooring methods. In addition, diamond grinding is virtually noise-free a huge advantage to residents and businesses alike.

Floor Polishing equipment

Satisfaction Guarantee

Satisfied clients are the foundation of our family-owned business. We do not accept payment until our work is complete, and we conduct a careful walk through to guarantee every customer is completely satisfied? This ensures repeat business and a steady stream of recommendations.

If you’re looking for a dependable, honest, and customer-oriented cleaning company, we provide the best carpet, tile, and upholstery cleaning services in Miami-Dade and the neighboring counties.

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We want you to come to High Gloss Restoration for the best cleaning service company. We’re happy if you’re happy and certain that you will appreciate the work we produce.

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